buildings made to move.

FLEXModular builds reliable, customized,
cost-effective modular units.

Our units are designed to suit your needs,
built to last, and delivered on time within budget.


Factory Construction
and Assembly

and Reuse

Site Placement and
Expansion as Needed

Benefits of ModulaR

FLEXModular off-site production process is factory controlled with a fast turn-around rate, allowing you to begin work on site foundation while the building is being constructed.


FLEXModular uses only premium-grade material from wood framing to lightweight metal. We can change any form to suit your function.


Our Modular buildings have a wide range of use from temporary shelters, plant or site offices, building additions, and mining and remote facilities.


FLEXModular can manufacture to suit “Anywhere, Anytime.”
Our focus on remote areas of Canada, the Arctic and Eastern Canada makes us well-equipped to accommodate national and international projects.


FLEXModular structures are built through central hub construction where all expertise and materials can be brought together in one local place to achieve the best in energy efficient and cost effective measures.

FLEXModular reliable structures are built by competent and licensed tradespeople in a controlled environment using the highest grade material. They are delivered to your site by trained teams and assembled (if required), including hook up of your power and water.

At FLEXModular we know time is money. Our modular building construction happens independently of site work, allowing projects to be completed 30% to 50% faster and 30% cheaper than traditional onsite construction.

Our designed modular buildings can be assembled, located, relocated, disassembled and refurbished for new uses instead of wasting time and resources on permanent buildings.

Modular building is centralized and quality controlled while traditional construction depends on the completion and quality of previous work adding to time delays and cost

building environment

Our process allows our units to be constructed free from environmental or seasonal restraints and thoroughly monitored from order to delivery.

Now you’re ready to start with Modular.