Your cost-effective solution
for temporary or permanent building structures.

Our high-quality structures from simple 8’ x 10’ units to six or more story structures
are built to provide a safe and comfortable environment based on the needs of our clients.

buildings made for anywhere

Our structures range from temporary or permanent housing, to corporate centres, satellite business offices, hospitals and many other uses.

why modular?

Faster Return On Investment
At FLEXModular we know time is money. Our modular building construction happens independently of site work, allowing projects to be completed 30% to 50% faster and 30% cheaper than traditional on-site construction. Modular building requires little site preparation and the site does not suffer from constant access by construction equipment and materials. Modular building is done in a factory setting, free from weather constraints and delays, so they can be occupied sooner, creating a faster ROI. Our designed modular buildings can be assembled, located, relocated, disassembled and refurbished for new uses instead of wasting time and resources on permanent buildings.

Economical and Safer

At FLEXModular we go one step further. Our indoor, controlled environment reduces the risks of accidents and related exposure liabilities for workers.

Modular construction using dry materials in a factory-controlled setting reduces the potential of moisture being trapped during the construction process – significantly reducing toxic off-gassing.

Our commitment to you

At FLEXModular, we are responsible for our product. We only outsource to known and reliable contractors with proven work track records.

FLEXModular structures are reliable because they are built by competent and licensed tradespeople in a controlled environment using the highest-grade materials. They are shipped by our trained personnel, who work as a team to deliver your structure on-site and assembled, including complete stitching and finishing of the building.

FLEXModular means reliable, cost-effective units, designed to suit,
built to last, and delivered on time and on budget.