Meet FLEX Modular.

over 80 years of
combined experience

FLEXModular level of expertise extends to building structures in a safe and controlled environment that can endure temperature variance from the tropical to the arctic.

Tim Lawton


Tim Lawton is a seasoned project site manager. His involvement in plant management, marketing and conventional construction began in 1989, including a long-term position with Oakwood Construction in Toronto, Ontario. His field of expertise encompasses project site management from simple self-contained temporary units to multi-level structures to stackable housing developments.

He has overseen both domestic and global projects from simple kiosks in Toronto to mining sites in Hudson’s Bay to orphanages and hotels in Africa. In addition to their structure and purpose, Lawton tailors all of his projects to account for location, local infrastructure and surrounding climate.

One particular project of which Lawton is proud was the delivery of 50 individual single dwelling units to Newmarket, Ontario. The fact that it was actually accomplished in 8 weeks from the initial order acceptance and budget approval to final delivery and installation is a testament to his dedication and hard work ethic.

“Giving back whenever one can” is an important credo Tim lives by when providing safe and practical structures to those in need – wherever they may be located.

Tim’s commitment to the community as an integral part of his project planning is a huge asset to the Southgate team and the clients they serve.